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Kent Karillion
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The Green Lanterns of Second Life:   

*We can be described in basic terms as a "Neighborhood Watch" in Second Life.  
We dress as members of The Green Lantern Corps (from the DC Comics) and patrol the Second Life Grid; looking for those in need of help.  
*We assist new residents in making the transition from Real Life into Second Life. *We submit Abuse Reports to Linden Lab when griefers attack.  
*We also educate landowners about security arrangements.  

    *Our group provides security patrols for all Second Life events
*Our group also hosts many Charity Events within Second Life and donates all the proceeds to approved Real Life Charities.  
*We offer free Power Rings, Uniforms and Training to new members.  
*The Green Lanterns stand between innocent residents and those who would do them harm.  W
e adhere to several standard ethical principles:

    *We never attack anyone, even to fight back in self defense if attacked. That constitutes Assault, item #3 of the Community Standards “Big Six” behavioral guidelines. Attacking another resident makes us no better than a griefer.

    *We never use our group’s equipment, uniform or title for personal gain. 
We never represent ourselves as having any power beyond that of a regular resident.
We are a volunteer organization, and as such we never solicit or accept payment for our services.

    How to join - Search & Visit our Second Life base in "Oa, The Unknown Country", (representations of Oa & the main GL Sector House [space platform] in the Broome-Kane Star Cluster) 
and click on the application giver.
    You must be six months old in Second Life before you can apply for membership.


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Earth - Sector 2814    
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